Solarwinds NCM

Solarwinds NCM
Thanks to the technology available nowadays, it is now easier to store, access, edit, and send data via giant computer networks. It eliminates the hassle of managing a lot of paperwork and minimises errors. However, handling these networks also requires lots of effort and patience due to its huge size. To handle these tasks far easier, using SolarWinds VOIP and network quality manager is a great idea, and among them is SolarWinds User Device Tracker.

This software is used to quickly find several users and devices across your entire network, enabling you to monitor each one regularly. This assures that your network is risk-free and functioning properly. To learn more about this particular system, listed below are its most crucial features:

1. Simple port management

Among the main features of this User Device Tracker SolarWinds is the simple administration of your ports. Through this system, you can see the configurations and descriptions of your ports, learn how they're being used, and be aware which ones are at the limit of their abilities. In this way, you can easily figure out how each one works and if there are faults that must be dealt with at once. Besides this, the User Device Tracker also allows you to turn ports on and off remotely to fix security issues.

2. Detection of strange activities

By using the User Device Tracker, you'll have no problem keeping track of people who use your wireless networks or LAN without authorisation since it can send notifications when this type of activity is identified. Because of this, you can make the essential safety precautions in advance like setting up a device watch list or collecting the details of your users. In addition to that, this function allows you to investigate questionable situations comprehensively using the data from user logins and device connections. Here, you can check the time and date when a user logged on to your SolarWinds network configuration manager as well as the node port, access point, solid-state drive, or connection type that they used.

3. Fast device locator

Because lots of users can link to your network, it is essential that you recognise each one of them. With SolarWinds NCM, you can determine all of the connected devices on your network by checking out different MAC or IP addresses, nodes, ports, vendors, and more. This will not simply make monitoring much easier, but it also helps significantly in boosting your network's security.

4. Unified dashboard for administrators

In case you are going to use the User Device Tracker SolarWinds, it's likely that you'll be using other network management systems as well like the Network Performance Monitor and IP Address Manager. Running all of them simultaneously won't be that complicated since the User Device Tracker consists of a unified dashboard that every administrator can use. This way, you can incorporate these systems with each other for improved monitoring.

When keeping track of the devices connected to your network, it is preferable to utilise network management systems like SolarWinds User Device Tracker to make everything a lot easier. Just always keep in mind to locate a reputable and honest provider of such products to guarantee that you will get an error-free and effective software.
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